Two unemployed cooks help workers who care for at risk residents

Posted at 6:06 AM, May 13, 2020
and last updated 2020-05-13 11:23:26-04

GRAND RAPIDS — We've seen a lot of outside the box thinking during the pandemic, and what's happening over at the Beacon Hill Retirement Community is just another example of that.

Beacon Hill has one hundred direct-care employees who are working hard each and every day to care for at-risk residents.

So, to take care of those, who take care of others, Beacon Hill hired two unemployed cooks to help out. Nick Fisher and Nick Mulhall work a third shift at Beacon Hill putting together meals for employees and their families. They plan all the meals, order the food, prep and pack them up for the workers who have been caring for the residents all day long, to take home. It's an idea, CEO Jeff Huegli says could not have worked out better.

"They're putting in extraordinary hours, working under difficult conditions, serving the greatest at risk population, and doing an incredible job of it, said Huegli.

So, if there's a way that we can help and serve them, and that's really what it is we're serving our servants, we're able to feed their families and take the pressure off of them of having to make that happen every day."

Nick Mulhall says it's been a very rewarding experience.

"Mostly because just the fact that we are able to help out the employees of Beacon Hill and by helping them out there just that much, like I said, happier and healthier so they can keep the guests at Beacon Hill happy and healthy," said Mulhall.

The 2 Nicks work from 8pm to 1am, Sunday through Thursday every week. Beacon Hills says they will continue this partnership with the cooks for as long as the executive order dictates.