Do these household and lifestyle hacks work?

Posted at 12:19 PM, Feb 04, 2020
and last updated 2020-02-04 21:46:08-05

When FOX 17 Morning Mix host Leigh Ann Towne came across a book called Household Hints:Save Time, Save Money, Save Energy it only made sense to share some of them with viewers.

According to the book:
"Mold on cheese can be prevented by storing the cheese in a covered container with a lump or two of sugar. This also keeps the cheese moist."

"Place a dry sponge in the vegetable compartment of the refrigerator. It will help prevent mildew and food spoilage, as it absorbs the excess moisture."

"Lettuce keeps longer stored in a brown paper bag or on a towel in the produce drawer of your refrigerator."

Theories tested:
Does using equal parts vinegar and water take salt stains out of leather boots? Well, it definitely does not work on suede once it dries. So, it's yet to be seen on leather.

Hack that worked:
Use a curling iron to smooth wrinkled ribbon. It worked! It worked!

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