Areas of dense fog, mist, and drizzle through Tuesday

Posted at 9:09 PM, Nov 18, 2019

WEST MICHIGAN — With very light wind, weak weather systems slowly drifting through the Great Lakes, and extensive low level cloudiness, expect areas of dense fog, mist, and drizzle through Tuesday.

Some areas over night into Tuesday morning may drop to around/below 32 degrees. These locations could see some freezing fog/drizzle/mist, producing a light, icy glaze on the roadways. That said, we believe most locations will remain at/above 32, so widespread issues are not expected.

It may take the better part of Tuesday for all the fog to lift, if it lifts at all. The sun angle is very weak this time of year (which helps evaporate and burn the fog/clouds off), plus there will be little/no wind to sweep it out. Tuesday itself is expected to be a dull, gray, cloudy day.

Visibilities overnight into Tuesday will likely remain reduced at under three miles. A ten mile visibility is normal. Late this week, a bigger storm system arrives from the Central Plains bringing wind, rain, and briefly warmer temperatures into the 50s. Get the complete West Michigan forecast at