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Know the Law – Motor Vehicle Service and Repair Act

Posted at 9:00 AM, Nov 16, 2019
and last updated 2019-11-18 09:09:26-05

Grand Rapids car accident lawyer, Tom Sinas, recently discussed the Motor Vehicle Service and Repair Act, which affects basically every car owner in the state. This act protects consumers from negligent or untruthful services rendered by a mechanic or dealership. In essence, it protects car owners from shops performing and billing for services that were actually never rendered, prevents shops from stating a part was new when it was in fact used, or pushing for unnecessary services. Under the act, consumers can pursue legal action against shops who violate this statute. But what if someone is harmed due to a violation of this statute? One recent Court of Appeals decision found that, though a shop rendered negligent service to a vehicle which ultimately caused a car accident in which the auto owner was injured, the shop wasn’t found liable for those injuries. This particular area of law is very case-by-case.

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