Finding Dawson his Forever Home

Posted at 10:41 PM, Nov 13, 2019
and last updated 2019-11-13 22:41:33-05

CALEDONIA, Mich -- An adventurous boy, back in the saddle doing what he loves. Now, he’s hoping for a family to share those moments with.

FOX 17 continue our Forever Home series, which works to find families for kids in Michigan’s foster care system.

Dawson is 11 years old and feels most at home when he’s around horses.

He said, “I used to do it every day, so it was just back to doing what I used to."

Karin's Horse Connection and Legacy Stables in Caledonia has more than 25 horses in their barn, all there to help riders, no matter their experience.

If he can’t be on a horse, Dawson still prefers to be outside.

He said, “Playing sports and riding dirt bikes and ATV’s, hunting, fishing, and farming."

The great outdoors is where he likes to spend time with his friends too.

“We like building forts out in the woods and sometimes we climb trees,” he said “We also go of campus to fish and I caught two catfish."

Dawson is in 6th grade and told us he loves learning something new every day, especially when it comes to science.
He said, “I like just doing experiments just to see how it works."

He’s also well-traveled and has gone on quite a few adventures.

“I went from California through all the states to Chicago in a train," he said “We got to go through the mountains and there was a viewing car where you went and you could stay up there and they’d bring you lunch and it was all glass."

Travelling is something he’d love to do with a future family and hopes that they love being outside and trying new things. He’d also fit with a big family with lots of kids and animals.

Dawson’s favorite foods include potato salad, fruit salad, and steak.

He said Thanksgiving is his favorite holiday and he’d like to be in the military or a police officer when he grows up.
If you’d like to learn more about Dawson, you can contact Orchard's Children's Services