Dive team pulls safes from Crockery Creek

Posted at 1:20 PM, Nov 06, 2019

CROCKERY TOWNSHIP, Mich. — The Michigan State Police dive team is searching Crockery Creek as part of a breaking and entering investigation.

Crews have pulled out two empty safes with the doors removed and an unattached door.

Authorities say the break-in happened at a Norton Shores business and is connected to a string of other incidents around Muskegon County where money and safes are being targeted.

Owner of the Old Homestead Tavern in Norton Shores says those safes belong to him.

“On the 18th, the day before my wedding, it got robed. Broken into. A couple safes were stolen from me,” owner Doug Langlois said.

Michigan State Police received a tip about evidence being in the water, leading them to Crockery Creek on Wednesday.

Langlois recognized his safes right away.

“Friends have been calling me texting me pictures of safes they pulled out of the river,” Langlois said.

The safes had a Homestead koozie inside.

“It’s an invasion of personal space,” Langlois said.