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Stop suffering from chronic pain! Total Health Chiropractic can help!

Posted at 10:48 AM, Nov 05, 2019

Are things you once considered simple, now a task due to chronic neck and back pain? Or, you can't even do them at all?

It's time to stop suffering! Dr. Miller with Total Health Chiropractic has a non-surgical, non-invasive approach that has helped so many get their quality of life back.

Dr. Miller uses a special machine called the DRX 9000 to help patients suffering from the following conditions:

  • Spinal Stenosis
  • Arthritis
  • Degenerating Discs
  • Bulging or Herniated Discs
  • Pinched Nerves
  • Neuropathy

With Total Health's DRX 9000 Spinal Decompression program, there's no need for surgeries, drugs, or injections to get rid of the pain. The DRX stretches out patients and hydrates the discs in the spine, resulting in healing of the spine and a pain-free lifestyle.

Learn more about the DRX Program at Total Health's upcoming Neck and Back Pain Seminar on November 19 at 6 p.m.

For those who can't make it to the seminar, Dr. Miller is offering a great deal to new patients. For just $49, newcomers will receive a consultation and examination.

There's a limited appointment availability, so call (616)-828-0861 or visit