Staying limber: company brings physical therapy to the workplace

Posted at 10:41 PM, Oct 27, 2019
and last updated 2019-10-27 22:41:43-04

HOLLAND, Mich--  October marks National Physical Therapy Month, but as many know, good care isn't always cheap or close to home.

That's where i'move comes in.

They have six locations in West Michigan and can bring physical therapy to your workplace. It's something they say is a big plus, since working on a line, at a desk, or in other various fields, can take a physical toll.

"On an individual level [we] go to those folks and say, 'hey, I see that your back is bothering you let’s do something about that now before it becomes a big problem,'" says co-owner and physical therapist Jeff Clark.

And whether it's your back, knee, shoulder or something else causing you pain, i'move gives employees a survey and compiles answers to find a solution to individual situations.

“When you’re just stuck for whatever reason in one spot you get into trouble," says co-owner and physical therapist Marty Systema. “You can’t just do one fix for everybody.”

With the end of the year approaching and deductibles likely met by many, it's not a bad time to think about a small problem that could become a bigger one. And not just workers, they say it's something for employers to consider too.

“You (employers) are delaying a potential big problem: a lumbar spine fusion, a rotator cuff repair. Big, expensive procedures," says Clark.  “It doesn’t have to be an OSHA reportable,  it’s not an on-the-job injury it’s just human function. You aren’t comfortable and we need to change your comfort and performance.”

i'move bring all their equipment and staff right on site.

You can learn more about their physical therapy here.