Democrat running to unseat Justin Amash releases digital ad, ‘Fix Things’

Posted at 8:25 AM, Sep 23, 2019

IONIA, Mich. — Democrat Nick Colvin’s campaign released a new digital ad on Monday morning promoting his platform to “fix things.”

Colvin is running in the Democratic primary for Michigan’s 3rd Congressional District, currently held by Rep. Justin Amash, I-Grand Rapids.

In the ad, Colvin said affordable health care, job creation and a stronger local economy depend on a leader who “doesn’t worry about who gets the credit or who’s the loudest or who’s got the most money. Just fix things.”

“Nick’s dream was to go to the University of Michigan,” Colvin’s mother Mary Colvin said in the first line of the ad. “From the time he was in kindergarten and made a pet rock with U of M on it.”

Mary, who raised Colvin in Ionia, described the moments her son was accepted to the University of Michigan, and then Harvard Law School before working in the White House.

In a statement, Colvin said growing up biracial in a small rural community “had its roadblocks and challenges,” but he was able to succeed thanks to his role models, the first of whom was his mother.

“I also got to work as a personal aide for another role model, Barack Obama,” Colvin said. “And then I went on to serve in the White House Counsel’s office.”

The ad features a child actor portraying Colvin at a young age in a classroom and working on a car with an actor playing Colvin’s grandfather.

“My grandpa taught me about hard work,” Colvin said. “He was the proudest Oldsmobile man and UAW member you’ve ever met. He was even my idol. I even dressed like him, same blue jeans, same white t-shirt.”

At one point in the ad, Colvin got emotional and turned away when a man behind the camera said, “I want you to think about your grandpa and why you’re here talking about him.”

Colvin currently works as a public finance attorney for Miller Canfield.

Immigration attorney Hillary Scholten, who worked for the Department of Justice as an immigration attorney during the Obama administration, is running against Colvin in the Democratic primary.