Reduced adoption fees at shelters Friday and Saturday

Posted at 4:50 PM, Aug 09, 2019

WALKER, Mich. — The Bissell Pet Foundation is trying to clear out the animal shelters in West Michigan this weekend.

Through Saturday, dogs and kittens will be available for adoption for $25, and fees for adult cats have been waived completely at the West Michigan Humane Society or Kent County Animal Shelter.

This is the first year the event sponsored by the Bissell Pet Foundation is running for multiple days. Even with the extra time, people were lined up waiting to get inside before doors were opened.

One of those people was Brady Siegrist, who got in line four hours before the shelter opened for his second trip to the shelter this week.

“We came here on like Sunday just to look and found that one,” he said of a pit bull terrier named Happy Hal he hoped to adopt.

Others like Kristina and Aaron Wheeler came in wanting an animal to pick them.

“I just wanna go in and see which ones the friendliest, which one comes to us,” Kristina Wheeler said. “We want one to choose us.”

The volunteers and employees at the shelters say they just want everyone to find a loving home.

“Were pretty full right now, we want to see as many go home as possible,” said Parker Smart with the Humane Society of West Michigan.

They have all kinds of options for any kind of pet someone is looking for.

“We have small dogs, big dogs, active dogs, lazy dogs. We really have something for everyone, you just have to come in and find it,” Smart said.