Deer breaks into South Haven storefront, then enters some more

Posted at 10:54 PM, Jun 28, 2019

SOUTH HAVEN, Mich.  — A deer broke through the front door of an empty downtown South Haven office building on Friday night – but that wasn’t the only place it visited.

South Haven City Police Department responded to the report at “Easement 417”, 4117 Phoenix Street, around 8:30 p.m. Sergeant Adam DeBoer tells FOX 17 the buck went down some steps into the basement. A Michigan Department of Natural Resources officer also responded.

“We and the Michigan DNR were able to heard it up and out of the building. Once outside, it turned west on Phoenix Street, where a small crowd of people were all there watching as it came out and then jumped into several other windows of stores downtown.”

Sergeant DeBoer says the animal ran through a propped-open door at Sweet Haven Candy, at 411 Phoenix Street – about three or four blocks away. It then headed north on Kalamazoo Street “and last we heard from (Van Buren) Marine Patrol, there were (witness) reports to dispatch of the deer swimming in the Black River.”

In a news release, police say the deer was “spooked by the large crowd gathered to watch the event and tried jumping into several other stores but was not successful in breaking the glass.”

Police say no people were hurt, and damage to the building the deer broke into was minor.