Alabama man accused of training meth-fueled ‘attack squirrel’ posts Facebook video – featuring a squirrel

Posted at 12:15 PM, Jun 20, 2019

LIMESTONE COUNTY, Ala. - The Limestone County Sheriffs Office is still looking for a man after a drug bust involving a squirrel.

Mickey Paulk, 35, is wanted for possession of a controlled substance and drug paraphernalia. Deputies also believe he is illegally in possession of a firearm.

When authorities executed a search warrant at an apartment, they say they found meth, drug paraphernalia, body armor, and a caged squirrel. Ronnie Reynolds, 37, was arrested during the search.

Sources told the sheriff's office that Paulk fed the squirrel meth to help keep it aggressive and trained it to attack people.

Animal control officials were called to retrieve the squirrel but since there wasn't a safe way to test it for meth they released the squirrel into the wild, according to WHNT.

On Tuesday, Paulk posted a video on Facebook to dispute the claims from the Limestone County Sheriff's Office.

Paulk claims he doesn't live in the home deputies searched, and also addresses the idea of his apparent pet squirrel being on meth.

“He’s not a trained attack squirrel…" Paul says in the video. "And he’s not on meth I’m pretty sure. Better not find out he’s on meth, anyway.”

He is with a squirrel in the video, and claims that it was the squirrel released by officials.

In the video, Paulk also tries to dispute the warrant charges against him. But police say this isn't the first time they’ve dealt with Paulk, and they’re not concerned about his public comments.

“While this is a different case because of the other ones we’ve dealt with, because of the publicity, you’ve got to go back to what is our role," said Stephen Young with the Limestone County Sheriff's Office.

He says that role is getting the facts right, being thorough in their investigation, and keeping the public safe.

“While we keep the public informed about a lot of things that we do and what’s going on, but our job as law enforcement officers is not to engage in a public forum or debate about things that may or may not have happened or may or may not happen in the future," Young said.

Anyone with information on Paulk's whereabouts should contact the Limestone County Sheriff's Office.

WARNING: The Facebook video contains graphic language: