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Apps pet-owners need to have when traveling with their fur baby

Posted at 11:24 AM, Jun 17, 2019
and last updated 2019-06-17 11:24:12-04

Summer is here, which means it's time to pack up the car and take that long-needed vacation. But what if you have a pet? They're part of the family too, but they're not always allowed at certain facilities.

Here are some apps that pet-parents will need if you want to take Fido with you on your summer getaway.

Bring Fido

Bring Fido is a must have on your phone when bringing the dog on a road trip. This app helps locate hotels, attractions, and restaurants who welcome pets.

This app is the Yelp of the Dog World, with reviews and photos submitted by other dog owners. There's also an easy to use search filter for that traveling with big dogs or multiple pets, so you can find exactly what you need.

Pet First Aid

During vacation, you'll never know if something will go wrong. While you should always pack a First-Aid kit for your family, it makes sense to make one for the dog too. That's just one of the features you can find in the American Red Cross's Pet First Aid app.

This app not only provides instructions on what to pack in a pet First Aid kit, but it also helps you locate the nearest emergencies, and offers "how to " videos for pet health.

Animal Poison By ASPCA

Speaking of pet health, we all eat things we shouldn't when we're on vacation. But what if our pet gets a taste of that something when it falls on the floor? You'll want to pull out the Animal Poison ASPCA to make sure they'll be okay.

This app will quickly identify over 300 potential everyday hazards. It also provides crucial info about the severity of the problem, and any critical next steps owners need to take to help their pet.

There's a searchable database of substances, with everything from household hazards, to medication, to natural toxins.

Rover- Dog Boarding & Walking

No matter where you go, there's always somewhere dogs aren't welcome. So whether you want a stay-cation, or travel out of state, have access to a pet-sitter or dog walker 24/7 with Rover.

The Rover app has over 100,000 pet sitters and walkers across the United States and Canada, making it easy to book pet care wherever you go.

Owners just book a time and date through the app, and one of Rover's finest sitters will take care of your furry companion.

While you're away, you can contact and message sitters and walkers fright from the app. You can also get a map of your dog's walk, meal alerts, and even when they use the bathroom. In case you miss your furry friend, they can even send you a picture of what they're doing at that moment.