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Enjoy some friendly competition with these Summer Yard Games

Posted at 1:10 PM, Jun 14, 2019

Frozen T-Shirt Race

The Frozen T-Shirt Race is an ideal game to be played outside on a hot summer day and is a hit amongst younger players. It’s a true ice-breaker game, as the players will work together to literally break the ice on the t-shirt. The game’s objective is simple—you must thaw out, unfold, and wear a frozen t-shirt. Click the link to see complete instructions on how to freeze the shirt.

Cookie Face Challenge

This is a great game to kick off the party because all of the players can compete at the same time (or you can break it down into several rounds of gameplay). Each player places a cookie on their forehead, and the goal is to get the cookie into your mouth using only your facial muscles in under 1 minute. No hands! This is tougher than it looks!

Pasta & Marshmallow Tower Building Contest

Who can build the tallest tower, out of pasta and marshmallows? These are relatively cheap items that most people have in their home, plus it has the kids put their engineering and creative skills to the test. Set a time limit and see who can build the tallest tower without it falling over!