Pros and cons of homeowners associations

Posted at 6:48 AM, Jun 13, 2019

Many people these days are moving to  condo complexes, or a housing communities where everything is taking care of for you.

It makes life so much easier. But make sure you know the pros and cons of that little thing called a homeowners association.

Nordelle Wainz is among the thousands of condo owners who have run into a brick wall with their HOA.

In her case, after the association refused to help her fix her collapsing deck.

"I was told if i didn't like it here, that i should sell my condo."

A report in calls HOA's "paradise at a price."

It found hundreds of reports of homeowners being fined or sued for having:

--A pink playhouse for a little girl.

--A kids' lemonade stand.

--Sidewalk chalking.

--Pickup trucks on driveways, even when they are too big for the garage.

--Eco-friendly clothesline.

--And even support our troops signs

And from the doesn't that stink file... when an HOA gets so restrictive, its rules spark national outrage.

A couple of years ago , a northern Ohio Vietnam vet put up an American flag on a 15 foot flagpole.

But the HOA said “take it down,” and threatened a lawsuit. Doesn't that stink?

But before he put his condo up for sale, veterans across the country made a stink, the HOA dropped its challenge, and the flag and the veteran stayed.

There is nothing wrong with most HOA's: They can keep your neighbor from parking a  junk hauling dump truck outside your front door.

But know the downsides, so you don’t waste your money


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