Lakeshore Drive businesses in Muskegon hurting during construction

Posted at 6:39 PM, May 29, 2019

MUSKEGON, Mich. — Small businesses in Muskegon are pulling out all the stops to try and entice residents and summer tourists to shop with them even through construction on Lakeshore Drive.

The street has been reduced to one lane during a total revamp of the road and sidewalks. Traffic because of it is scarce, with many avoiding the construction all together and going a different route.

Those adjustments are hurting businesses in a big way, some even having to shut down.

While the businesses agree the road needed to be fix, even describing it as driving over little speed bumps for the entire stretch, delays in the project have extended the date of completion into October. If the slow business continues through the summer, some may not even make it to the other side of the project, but they aren't giving up without a fight.

The well-known Lakeside Emporium have started "Sweet Saturdays" in hopes of attracting more people to the store when they have free time. They have a new food vendor every week, as well as entertainment and a flea market. They will also continue to sell all of their normal goodies to satisfy a sweet tooth.

Other businesses in the district, including Lakeside Emporium, have created a coupon sheet available on the counter of each shop participating. You can grab discounted fudge from Lakeside, tea accessories from BananaDog Tea along with Yarn from Apple Knits and Purls.

The City of Muskegon knows how the businesses are feeling and are putting in any and all possible effort to make the transition smooth.

Director of Muskegon Public Works, Leo Evans, told FOX 17 that they worked with local businesses to come up with a signing plan for construction and published detour maps.

They have also posted time and time again on Facebook and other forms of social media to get the word out that these businesses are still open during the construction.

The businesses are incredibly thankful for those that have come out and braved the construction. They say they now need your support and would love to see you come through during the road project.