First responders rescue infant from hotel room in Whitehall; police continue investigation into cause of ‘suspicious deaths’

Posted at 11:28 PM, May 25, 2019
and last updated 2019-05-25 23:28:26-04

WHITEHALL, Mich. -- Police have released the names of two people found dead in a Whitehall hotel room Friday afternoon.

The bodies of 26 year-old Jessica Bramer and 28 year-ol​d Christian Reed were found alongside a six-month-old baby in dire need of medical attention.

The baby is now in critical condition at Devos Children’s Hospital.

Police are still actively trying to figure out what happened, the initial autopsy did not immediately determine a cause of death and toxicology results will not be available for at least a month.

Police say the six-month-old baby was in the room alone for multiple days.

"This precious baby needed a lot heroes and a lot of heroes showed up," White Lake Ambulance Authority EMT Michele Bridges, said.

"The call we had yesterday was just a vivid reminder why any of us are in this business, and it's not a business to us, it's a matter of saving lives.

On the heels of EMS Appreciation Week local first responders like Bridges, were honoring each other when they received the emergency call.

"It was one of those high pressure calls where we just kind of kicked it into gear and used all the skills that we’ve acquired over the years. We keep our emotions in check and our skills kick in and take over and we do what is necessary, what needs to be done, and we just get our jobs done," Bridges, explained.

A job that required keeping the infant alive and getting the child to advanced life support.

"Our role at that time was to get a patient to the hospital safely and as quickly as possible and the hospital will usually have a team ready and waiting for us, they intercepted the patient from us, and at that point its up to the hospital to contact the air ambulance to get the patient where they need to go," Bridges, explained.

The baby was flown to Devos Children's Hospital, where they remain in critical condition. First responders are hoping the recovery continues for the baby they rescued.

"The images in our mind never go away. Even though those images never go away when we have a positive outcome those images start pushing those images back a little farther," Bridges, added.

State police are asking anyone who had ​contact with Bramer or Reed after May 14th to contact Sgt. Denise Bentley at 616-866-4411.