NWS: Damage caused in Edmore due to strong winds, not a tornado

Posted at 12:47 PM, May 20, 2019

EDMORE, Mich. - The National Weather Service says, based on their survey, strong winds caused damages to a Montcalm County cemetery and not a tornado.

Still from video shot by Doug Sowles

Trees limbs were snapped and others were toppled Sunday afternoon at the Vinewood Cemetery on Wyman Road in Edmore.  Several residents said they saw a funnel cloud and some have sent pictures in of what looks like a funnel cloud. One video shot by Doug Sowles, a resident in Edmore, shows what looks to be a large funnel cloud in the distance.  After showing the video to the National Weather Service, they said it was more likely a "wall cloud".

Another video, shot by Terry Miller of Stanton shows several funnel-shaped could forming in the distance.  The

Still from video shot by Terry Miller

National Weather Service said this formation appeared to be a "Scud Cloud" and not multiple tornadoes.

Residents that spoke with FOX 17 Monday said they believed they did in fact see a tornado.  The National Weather Service says they are open to all possibilities and ask anyone with additional info or photos/videos of Sunday's storm, to get in contact with them.

The only damage located Monday in Montcalm County was at the cemetery in Edmore.  Multiple trees fell and blocked the narrow paths throughout the area.  Grave markers and American flags were strewn about by the high winds.

Edmore resident Dennis Smith was out helping public works employees clear the area Monday.  He says he is concerned about those coming to visit loved ones for Memorial weekend, "Thats why I’m out here. I figured i'd come out to help, get things organized, try to put stuff back where it needs to be, get things organized so people can at least come out here and see people... that they got out here."

In the National Weather Service chat Monday, they said that the damage was very isolated just to the cemetery and appeared to have been caused by 60-70 mile per hour winds.

A tornado was confirmed Sunday in Barry County, damaging several barns. No one was injured.