Weekend rain adds to flooding concerns in Texas Township

Posted at 11:26 PM, May 19, 2019

KALAMAZOO CO., Mich. -- More precipitation is the last thing flooded west michiganders want to deal with.

Sandbags and pumps have been a common sight on properties near Eagle Lake and Crooked Lake in Kalamazoo County.

Though Sunday's storm didn't bring much damage to the area,  it was an unpleasant addition of rain to the existing problem.

Many around the area now dread the sound of rain as they work to keep water out of their homes.

A challenge compounded over the weekend after parts of Kalamazoo County saw between one and two inches of rain.

It's been a community effort to keep up with mother nature and all hands are on deck.

"These area residents have been hit hard. I told my church this morning I can't imagine parenting, going to a job coming home, filling sandbags to try and protect your home every single day. So the least we can do is fill the sandbags so people can take them and put them in place, because they've been doing it over and over again. "New Life Church Pastor Dan Smith, said.

Some reprieve could be coming soon as pumping is scheduled to begin at nearby Crooked Lake later this week, Eagle Lake pumping will happen a week after.