West Michigan woman celebrates her 100th birthday

Posted at 10:01 PM, May 18, 2019

A woman who raised her family in West Michigan came back to celebrate a big birthday this weekend.

Arlynn Herzog Welch and one of her daughters made their way from North Carolina to Six Lakes to celebrate her 100th birthday!

Welch is a Yooper by birth but raised her family in the Six Lakes area before retiring to North Carolina.

Today she celebrated 10 decades alongside friends and family, some who say she still gets around much better than they can.

"Just trust the lord, keep on praying and keep on going. Right now [I feel] a little tired, but other than that I'm happy.  I’ve lived a long time, if it was in a book it would be a big one," Welch, said.

Arlynn has nearly  20 grandchildren and several great grandchildren, her advice for them is to keep listening to their parents.