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Avoid spoilers with these helpful apps and online tools

Posted at 12:13 PM, May 16, 2019
and last updated 2019-05-16 12:13:59-04

The last episode of Game of Thrones premieres on HBO May 19, but if you're unable to watch it how are you supposed to protect yourself from spoilers?

While there are online trolls that ruin the endings to our favorite shows, there are heroes out there who save us from spoilers thanks to apps, online blockers, and other tools. Here are a few you can download and use to save yourself from spoilers.

Desktop- Spoiler Protection 2.0

Start with protecting your desktop computer by downloading Spoiler Protection 2.0! This app is an extension for Chrome and will block spoilers from all your favorite websites.

Just click on your green shield icon, and type in the keywords you want to avoid seeing. The app will then save your presets, and completely block any links, posts, videos, messages, and other Internet spoilers with the keywords you typed in.

If you don’t think you’ve covered all your bases, they have presets too! Just type in your show’s name and it’ll come up with a list of words and names related to your show.

Mobile- Spoilers Blocker

Don’t think we’ve forgotten about your most used piece of tech! Download Spoilers Blocker from the App Store and Google Play to protect yourself on the go. This app is similar to the desktop spoiler blocker; however, this one works on all mobile devices.

Like before, type in the show’s name, phrases, or general words you want to avoid. Then, select which apps on your phone to avoid spoilers from. We recommend all your social media apps, YouTube, Internet Browsers, and other apps where you indulge on fan-based content.

The only difference with this app is it won’t cover the entire post like Spoiler Protection. It will only cover texts with a “spoiler warning” banner. So if you’re more into looking at memes and pictures, we recommend you scroll quickly when you see the banner!

Twitter Mute Function

Twitter is one of the worst places for catching a spoiler, but fortunately, the social media app has a great system to fight off spoilers before it ruins your movie or show: Muting.

Go to “Settings” on your Twitter account, and hit the “Muted Words” tab. Then type in all the words you want to get rid of in order to avoid spoilers. The more words, phrases, places, and characters you type in, the more spoilers you’ll avoid. (Though this may not be the best option for Game of Thrones Fans, there are a LOT of people in that show.)

This will block any post retaining those words to be clocked from your Timeline or Notifications.

If you want to participate in some lively discussion after you’ve seen your show or movie, you can always set the mute duration to “24 hours,” “7 days,” or “30 days” instead of “forever.” Remember, you can always go back and Unmute those words later.

YouTube- Clear Watch History

If you’re a hardcore fan of your show, you probably watch reviews and analysis videos on YouTube. Spoiler blockers don’t work as well on YouTube due to revealing thumbnails, or click bait-y titles to draw you into a spoiler.

In order to avoid Internet Trolls or the temptation of clicking on a video, there’s a way you can clear those videos from your “suggested watch list.”

All you need to do is just delete your watch history. It’s easy: just click on the history tab, then push “clear all watch history”.

That’s it! Now the YouTube algorithm will stop giving you “related” videos about all those Game of Thrones conspiracy theories you’ve been watching. Goodbye temptation!