A story for women struggling with infertility this Mother’s Day

Posted at 9:54 PM, May 12, 2019

BELMONT, Mich-- Sarah Galle is expecting her first child this July. However, the journey to motherhood has been a long one.

“Well, I wanted to be a mom, basically right when we got married. And we just celebrated our tenth wedding anniversary,” Galle said.

Sarah, like many women, struggled silently with infertility for nine years. Fertility treatments were too expensive, so she and her husband tried to get pregnant for eight years on their own, before finally starting treatments. A few months after stopping them, she got pregnant with their little girl.

But Sarah remembers how hard Mother's Day was in years past. She even started her a chapter of a support group for other moms in West Michigan struggling with infertility.

“I was always like, when is it my turn? When is it my turn to celebrate,” Sarah said.

Sarah says if you know someone having a hard time getting pregnant, it's important to notice them on days like Mother's Day.

“Last year, for instance, I got a lot of messages. My friend even gave me a card, and said I’m thinking of you. I was like thank you, thank you for noticing me,” Sarah said.

And Sarah says, it's important to remember women are worth so much more than motherhood.

“I would say there’s more value to you than you think. I think we put so much pressure on ourselves, like we’re not valuable unless we’re a mother, unless we’ve given life,” Sarah said.