Wolfson, Brownson headline women’s summit at Amway

Posted at 7:36 PM, May 03, 2019

ADA, Mich -- CBS Sports sideline reporter and host, Tracy Wolfson headlined the Grass Ceilings Inspired Coaching Summit at the Amway World Headquarters on Friday afternoon. Other names on the highly prestigious panel included Callie Brownson, the first female NCAA Division I football coach, USA Today sports columnist, Nancy Armour and Amway Independent Business Owner, Laura Taylor.

"I'm one of these women who have enforced change and has succeeded in a male dominated industry," Wolfson mentioned. "To have these three panelists and to be a part of this for such an amazing company like Amway, I think it was really important to be here."

The four-person panel touched on leadership strategies, mentoring, and tips on building the next generation of young leaders.

"This is bigger than sports," Brownson said, "it's about the impact that stuff like this has on society as a whole, speaking as a coach to people that are involved in business and all kinds of different fields, it all translates."