FCC warns of increase in ‘One Ring’ phone scams

Posted at 11:49 AM, May 03, 2019

WASHINGTON – The Federal Communication Commission (FCC) is warning of a new wave of “One Ring” or “Wangiri” scam robocalls happening around the country.

The FCC says the robocalls target specific area codes in bursts, often calling multiple times in the middle of the night. The calls are trying to get the receivers to call the number back, which often then results in toll charges similar to calling a 900 number.

Recently, the calls were coming from the 222 country code, which is the West African nation of Mauritania. Several media reports say that residents in New York state and Arizona have recently received the calls. The robocall only rings once or twice, hoping the receiver calls back.

The FCC recommends that you don’t call back to numbers you don’t recognize, especially ones from overseas. Also, you should file a complaint with the FCC if you receive a call. You can do that at this link: .