GoFundMe created for man convicted in murder, dismemberment of teen classmate

Posted at 9:15 AM, Apr 27, 2019

MOLINE, Ill. – A GoFundMe page has popped up for an Illinois man serving a 45-year prison sentence in the 2005 murder of Adrianne Reynolds.

Cory Gregory pleaded guilty in 2006. His co-defendant Sarah Kolb was also convicted for murdering their 16-year old classmate by strangling her outside a Taco Bell in Moline. Gregory and Kolb later burned and dismembered her body.

A GoFundMe page, created Tuesday for Gregory, now asks for donations to help him write a book. The description reads in part:

My name is Cory Gregory I have been in prison for almost half of my life. As a juvenile, I was arrested for First degree Murder, under the Accountability act. It basically means that I was held accountable for another's actions.
I spend my life writing books. Everyone tells me that my novels are good, and that I should publish them. As you can imagine, it's not easy to get published as a prisoner. This is where you come in.
There are companies that help inmates self-publish their books. I need $3000.00 to publish and advertise my novel. This is the only passion I have left in this world, and I hope to see it actualized. This could change my life forever. I appreciate anything you can donate on my behalf.

Reynold's stepmother, Joanna Reynolds, said this is just another daily reminder of what happened.

"She'll never be able to tell her story," Joanna Reynolds said. "And it's something we think about - everyday we think about our lives. About what he did to her. It's just something that has not gone away... I'm begging the community please don't donate to it. To respect Adrianne. I'm just begging please don't do this. Respect Adrianne's wishes."

As of April 26th, the page has raised $5 of its $3,000 goal.