Belding mom donating feminine hygiene products to area schools to combat Period Poverty

Posted at 10:33 PM, Apr 26, 2019

BELDING, Mich. — A Belding mother is working with families all over the U.S. in collecting and donating crucial items for young girls in middle and high school: feminine hygiene products.

She says it's an attempt to end a problem that often gets overlooked: period poverty.

In the past couple of months, Amber Pollock gathered donations stuffing them in Ipsy bags, appropriately dubbing her efforts the "Ipsy Project."

The project surfaced from a statistic that caught Pollock's eye. One in five girls in the U.S. have left school early or missed it entirely because they did not have access to feminine hygiene products, information an Always survey recently highlighted.

Now, Pollock is taking the matter into her own hands by donating heR Ipsy bags to schools in the area.

"I just hope that it kind of gives them hope that there are people that want to help them, especially if it's something that they don't have access to just to know that there are people, ya know, that there are good people in the world that want to help them and don't want them to suffer in silence," Pollock says.

On Friday, she donated items to Belding elementary school. A fifth grade teacher at the school telling us the donations are really needed.

"Parents are sometimes thinking hey not yet, not my little girl and they spend a lot of time here at school and so their first time needing these supplies they might be here at school," says Kari Reynolds, Belding elementary 5th gr. teacher.

Pollock is still collecting items and will be making more drop offs in upcoming weeks. If you like to donate stop bY this link and here to learn more.