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Fishing kayaks, a better way to reach prime fishing spots this summer

Posted at 11:25 AM, Apr 23, 2019
and last updated 2019-04-23 11:25:23-04

Looking for a beautiful day on the lake or river? Looking for a fun new way to exercise, or maybe just need to get closer to that sweet fishing spot the boat can't reach? A kayak is a perfect way to do all of those things this summer!

It sounds surprising, but fishing on a kayak is growing in popularity around West Michigan, and anglers everywhere love the mobility and access it gives them to their favorite sport or pastime. There's one place in town that can give fishers the gear and expertise they need to be sure they have the fish catching tale of the summer, and that's Bill and Paul's Sporthaus.

A couple of fishing experts from Bill and Paul's took Leigh Ann and Todd out on the water to show them the different types of kayaks fishers and non-fishers alike can choose from to have a memorable summer on the water.

Bill and Paul's is located at 1200 East Paris Avenue South East, which is where you can check out all their sweet deals on kayaks and paddleboards!

Kick-off Paddle Season starts on Saturday, where they'll be offering lots of pre-season sales on water gear. Plus they'll have food, coffee, and games to play while customers shop.

For those who end up buying a kayak, Bill and Paul's Sporthaus is offering an introduction to kayaking class on May 18 at Stoney Lakeside Park in Lowell. Click here to register.

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