Sam’s Joint to be remodeled after 3 years of vacancy

Posted at 9:50 PM, Apr 18, 2019
and last updated 2019-04-18 21:50:57-04

ALASKA, Mich. - Sam's Joint was a staple in Alaska for years, but all seven locations shut down years ago. The restaurant in Alaska has been gathering dust since then.

In February, Michelle Beukema and Heather Bradley purchased the facility. Their plan is to transform the former restaurant into a special events venue, mostly for weddings.

"We'd like to do a complete makeover... bring the beauty back," said Beukema.

Much of what's inside needs to be re-done or brought up to code, such as the electric and plumbing systems. The business pair plans to turn the kitchen area into a bridal suite, remodel the staircase and remove some of the stain glass windows. The venue will be two stories, like the original restaurant.

Their goal, however, is to keep the character of the former church-turned-restaurant.

"People loved Sam's Joint, like myself and my family came here," said Beukema. "My kids loved the singing dogs. People love this place."

The two announced the purchase alongside a garage sale for some of the restaurant's original decor. If you're interested in purchasing any of those items, you can find the event here.

(Initially, this story said that Sam Bravata, the owner of Sam's Joint, had died three years ago. That was incorrect. We regret the error.)