Oil rig workers save tired dog found swimming off coast of Thailand

Posted at 9:56 AM, Apr 16, 2019
and last updated 2019-04-16 09:56:53-04

Oil workers about 135 miles off the coast of Thailand saw something in the water that shouldn’t have been there: a tired dog, swimming.

The pooch made it to the rig, where workers eventually hoisted him to safety, reports the Bangkok Post.

It’s not clear how the dog got so far out to sea, but the best guess is that he fell off a boat in the Gulf of Thailand, per ABC News.

The dog—nicknamed Boonrod, or survivor—was rescued on Friday, and a ship brought him back to shore for a checkup Monday morning. (See video.)

If nobody claims the dog, a member of the Chevron Thailand Exploration and Production team plans to adopt him.

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