Tom Izzo surprises couple to help with Final Four gender reveal

Posted at 6:37 PM, Apr 05, 2019

MINNEAPOLIS — In between preparing his team for a Final Four matchup with Texas Tech, MSU basketball head coach Tom Izzo helped a couple learn the gender of their baby.

Ross and Morgan Maltby originally planned to hold a dinner party to reveal the gender of their child.

“We had a doctor’s appointment (Friday) morning where we found that out. Michigan State decided to make their way to Minneapolis, we called an audible and said, ‘why don’t we try to get Tom to open it up?’ And here we are,” Ross Maltby said.

Thanks to their audible, the diehard Spartan fans had their wish come true.

“We had an envelope attached and then we handed the envelope to Tom, he did and it’s a boy!” Morgan Maltby said.

Moments after it happened, they were still radiating excitement.

“I am having like an out of body experience. My heart is going, and it doesn’t feel real — even that they’re standing there much less that we just talked to Tom Izzo,” Morgan Maltby said. “And that we’re having a boy! Lots of things happening. Yeah, lots of things happening.”

Now that they know they’re having a boy, it’s time to start deciding on a name.

“At this point, everything is in play. Tom Cassius or Tom Izzo, Steal his name right from him,” Ross Maltby said.