Ionia police warn about break ins as weather warms up

Posted at 8:16 PM, Mar 30, 2019
and last updated 2019-03-30 20:16:47-04

IONIA, Mich.--Ionia Department of Public Safety is asking people to take extra precautions after a string of car break ins.

With warmer temps comes an increase in crime, at least that's what the ionia police say they've noticed over the last couple of years.

In this week alone police have responded to up to six incidents in the course of two days.

"This time of year a lot of that sort of stuff increases," says Ionia Detective Sergeant Cory McDiarmid.

The explanation is simple enough. Warmer temperatures mean more people are out and about creating the opportunity for crime.

"We've had some reason break in complaints, particularly larcenies from cars," says McDiarmid.

Five in the course of just two days. A trend Valley View apartment residents tell me happens when it get's warmer.

"Like last year there was some here and my car was part of that I had a GPS stolen out of that it was just something old," says Dustin Enbody, Valley View apt. resident

A reminder to lock your doors.

"We're not seeing any real break ins or glasses broken or door are picked or anything like that we haven't seen any real forced entry so you can kind of take refuge in that. But, hide those valuable get them inside, take them out of your cars, lock your cars, close your garages at night time and probably most important call the police,"

As you head to enjoy spring break, the detective says to be aware of what you post online. We know you want to share your vacation photos but telling people you're out of town leaves the door open for a possible home or car invasion.

THe police say the believe the break ins were done by a group of young adults and that they are looking into it.