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Morning Buzz: 5 things to know about for March 14

Posted at 10:29 AM, Mar 14, 2019
and last updated 2019-03-14 10:29:48-04

1. It's not just March 14, it's 3-14! That means it's time to celebrate the mathematical constant of pi.

People can get a slice of pie for just $3.14 at Sweetie-Licious Bakery Cafe in the Grand Rapids Downtown Market.

Herb and Fire Pizza's pepperoni pizzas will also be on sale for $3.14 to celebrate, and the deal is good at all locations.

Be sure to mention the deal when you go.

2. 100 jobs are up for grabs at a new West Michigan business.

Buddy's Pizza is holding open interviews at their 28th Street location in Kentwood.

Starting tomorrow through Saturday, you can walk in and get interviewed at the Comfort Inn and Suites on 28th Street.

Buddy's Pizza says it chose the Grand Rapids area because it needed to be in a city with great local breweries.

The company says it offers competitive wages, flexible schedules and some delicious dining discounts.

3. Did you have trouble on Facebook or Instagram on Wednesday?  Those social media sites were in the dark for about 14 hours, affecting users around the world.

It's unclear what caused the issue, but it quickly became one of the top trending topics on Twitter using the hashtag #FacebookDown.

Facebook even tweeted that they were aware of the issue. Don't worry, most of us can now go back to not speaking to each other in person as most of the issues seemed to be repaired.

4. Go Banking Rates analyzed 2017 spending data to determine the average American spends a little under $165 a day.

Even with saving and budgeting, this number includes expenses like gas, health insurance, groceries, and dining out.

The study dug deeper showing each generation; Millennials are shelling out the most cash with an average of about $208 a day. Their biggest expense is housing.

5. Have you ever tried 3D printed sushi? It's custom to those who order it.

The printer, debuted at South x Southwest in Austin, Texas, actually takes a sample of saliva and tailors your meal based on dietary and nutritional needs.

The Japanese company Open Meals says it's planning to open a restaurant using the printer in Tokyo.