West Michigan hunters offering to help control coyote population

Posted at 4:20 PM, Mar 13, 2019
and last updated 2019-03-13 16:21:27-04

WEST MICHIGAN — Coyote sightings in recent years have been staggering and many have taken to social media to show how many have been lurking in backyards.

March is the end of mating season for coyotes, and they can become very aggressive this time of year, getting close to homes and into yards if food is easily accessible.

If you have concerns with coyotes around your home, you can call a Nuisance Wildlife Control Expert or a hunter, both of whom will come out and kill or trap the creature without you needing to get involved.

Hunting and trapping coyotes is the only legal way to deal with the animals.

Hunters in West Michigan who are skilled in removing the coyotes and making sure they leave residents and their pets alone want everyone to know that they are not doing it for the sole purpose of the thrill of the hunt, but to help the community.

Trent Debor, a hunter with Team616 Outdoors, says it breaks his heart when he sees pictures of a fawn in the mouth of a coyote on a trail cam. It would be his worst nightmare if his pet became the victim of a coyote, so he is out there to manage the population.

Hunters say places like Caledonia, Allegan, Hudsonville, Jamestown, and Zeeland have all had their fair share of problems with coyotes.

Coyote hunting season just recently was expanded to all year after the national resource committee heard several concerning messages regarding them being seen more and getting more aggressive. Coyotes are always looking for an easy meal, so pushing them back and out of your yard with hunting and trapping is the best option.

As always, make sure there is no easily accessible food in your yard and keep your small pets with you on a leash when they are outside.