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Children’s Healing Center is a sanctuary for kids with weak immune systems

Posted at 10:52 AM, Mar 04, 2019
and last updated 2019-03-04 10:52:55-05

For children who have weak immune systems, illnesses such as the cold or flu can be lethal. These children have to be constantly monitored and isolated from the outside world in fear of becoming sick. Thankfully there is a sanctuary where kids can just be kids without having to constantly worry about getting sick, the Children's Healing Center.

The mission of the non-profit is to allow children to grow up with as normal of a childhood as possible. Some of these kids can't go to school, or any places at all because of an oncology diagnosis, kidney condition, cardiology condition, or anything other diagnosis resulting in a weak immune system.

The Children's Healing Center is designed to provide as close to a germ-free environment as possible. With thorough checks ups making sure every child is healthy before entering the facility, cleaning off every toy after it's been played with, and constantly sterilizing the center from germs, The Children's Healing Center takes away the worry of children getting sick.

Families need a referral from either a doctor, nurse, social worker, or child development specialists in order to enter the facility. Anyone ages 0 to 26 are eligible to be part of this program.

The Children's Healing Center is located at 1530 Fulton Street East in Grand Rapids.

To learn more about the center, or their upcoming events, visit or follow them on Facebook.