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No more wet gloves for kids, thanks to Michigan company and Consumers Energy

Posted at 10:33 AM, Feb 26, 2019

It seems as though the wet boots and gloves that come along with winter will never end. As soon as we take them off, it's time to put them right back on. Nothing worse than instantly getting cold because they never dried. Not to mention, the illness that can come from the bacteria left behind.

This reality is a never-ending battle for school teachers and employees when the kiddos come in from recess. But thanks to a mom operated, family owned Michigan business, this will change. Based on their own love of the outdoors and the problems they faced with wet items, The Smoots family came up with The Green Glove Dryer, now known as The Eco Dryer. It sits right on your floor register or attaches to a wall vent.  Click here to see how it works. It's actually made at Miniature Custom Manufacturing in Vicksburg, MI.

Consumers Energy fell in love with The Smoots' invention. They are now behind the push to get The Eco Dryer into schools across Michigan, both upper and lower peninsula. The Eco Dryer inhibits 99% of bacteria and fungi growth in wet gear with Sanafor® technology. Therefore, it reduces the spread of germs in the classroom and helps reduce cold and flu symptoms.

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