Two Kent Co. courts offering waiver program in March

Posted at 10:42 AM, Feb 21, 2019

KENTWOOD, Mich. – Those with outstanding court debts in two Kent County courts have a chance to settle up without further penalties.

Kent County officials with 62-B District Court in Kentwood and the 63rd District Court of Kent County are offering waivers during the month of March.  The courts guarantee that anyone paying their outstanding debts in full will not be jailed because of late payments.

“The waiver program gives people who have outstanding fines, fees and court costs an opportunity to more reasonably resolve their business with the court,” said Chief Judge Sara J. Smolenski in a press release. “During the month of March, individuals have a great chance to meet their responsibilities and the program allows for payment plans to resolve their debts to the court without the worry of incarceration. This is a great program and people who qualify should jump at it.”

If the debts are paid in full, the court will also waive all court-imposed late fees or warrant fees except the $45 License Suspension Reinstatement Fees.  Any existing driver’s license suspensions will not be lifted until the account is paid in full. For those unable to pay in full but can make significant payments, the courts will work with them to set up a payment plan.

Anyone with questions should call 616-698-9310 for 62-B and 616-632-7770 for 63rd.