Study: Michigan ranks in top 10 for ‘sin’

Posted at 11:08 AM, Feb 20, 2019
and last updated 2019-02-20 11:08:32-05

FOX 17 – Casinos, breweries and a jealous streak put Michigan at #9 on a list of top “sinful” states in the country.

The credit-analysis website WalletHub announced the results of their latest study Wednesday morning.

The study measured “Anger & Hate” (violent crimes), “Jealousy” (thefts), “Excesses & Vices” (drinking), “Avarice” (gambling disorders), “Lust” (porn usage), “Vanity” (beauty salons per capita) and “Laziness” (exercise rates).  Michigan ranked #6 in Jealousy, #10 in Anger & Hate, #14 in Vanity and #15 in Laziness.

The top three in the list of Most Sinful States were not overly surprising – Nevada, Florida, California.  #4 through #8 are (in order): Texas, Tennessee, Louisiana, Georgia and Illinois.  Arizona comes in at #10.

Vermont is ranked as the “least sinful” state in the union, followed by Maine, North Dakota, Nebraska and Idaho.

For the complete list and the study details, click here.