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Snowed in? 4 apps to help you before, during and after a winter storm

Posted at 10:58 AM, Feb 11, 2019

It's best to always be prepared for when the next winter storm comes. Even when the snow is piling up, there are apps to help you get through the harsh winter weather. Whether it's getting the snow out of the driveway, food prep, or making sure you wake up early enough for the morning commute, there's an app for that.


We never know what Mother Nature will do to the roads when we wake up for our morning commute. With Snowtification, you’ll always be prepared when snow is on the way!

Say goodbye to the days of guessing what time you’ll need to leave for work and constantly checking the weather forecast. Just set- and forget: Simply put your location into the app, and Snowtification will monitor your location and help you plan out your travel plans.

Whenever a storm is on the way, you’ll receive a push notification letting you know what time the snow starts and the amount of snow due to fall.

Amazon Pantry

Don’t want to drive to the grocery store in the bad weather? If you have Amazon Prime give Amazon Pantry a try.

You can get everything from non-perishable groceries, to household items, just by ordering from your phone. Plus you don’t have to worry about trudging outside or lugging any bags home, they’ll deliver everything right to your door.

Delivery is just $5.99 per pantry box you fill. You can easily do this via the Amazon App already installed on your phone.


Snowed-in because the plows are too busy clearing out the main roads? It’s SnoHub to the rescue! The app is like Uber, but for snow plowing services!

For homeowners, open the app and choose the areas around the property where you want the snow removed. Choose the type of service you want: plowing, clearing walkways, sidewalks, or de-icing. Then someone will come to your desired location to clear out the snow! Don’t worry, you’ll be shown the estimated cost for the job before you call them over. This service is available 24/7 before, during, and after the storm.

Or if you’re looking to get some work on a snow day, you can be the one getting rid of the snow! All you need is a truck and plow, snow blower, or a snow shovel to join. As a contractor, you can quickly find and accept jobs in your area. Once you accept and complete the job, you’ll get paid via direct deposit within 3 to 4 days.

This service is available in the Grand Rapids, Ann Arbor, Detroit and Kalamazoo areas.

Winter Survival Kit

Don’t get stranded out in the cold, be prepared with the Winter Survival Kit App.

The app provides NDSU Extension Service information on how to put together a physical winter survival kit and prepare your vehicle for winter driving, how to stay safe when stranded in a winter storm and other survival tips.

If you do get in an accident, it will find your current location, call 911, and notify friends and family.  The app also stores important phone and policy numbers for insurance or roadside assistance. Another unique feature, it calculates how long you can run your engine to keep warm.