Rivers rise in Portland due to Grand River ice jam

Posted at 7:57 AM, Feb 06, 2019
and last updated 2019-02-06 16:31:10-05

PORTLAND, Mich. -- More than 50 people in Portland have been displaced by flooding along the Grand River and the flooding is affecting area businesses, too.

The owner of The Blue Mason Jar, located at 160 Kent Street in Portland, says she woke up to a phone call alerting her that her business was flooded with several inches of water inside their basement.

"When I got here I was shocked because my basement has never flooded before," said owner Pat Kline, who also says other area business are also impacted by flooding.

The shop is made up of several different vendors selling a variety of different items like gifts.

"We do have some damage, things got wet, they're antiques, handmade items and yes things get damaged," Kline said.

She says she plans to start cleaning up the mess by bringing in sump pumps to hopefully get the business dried up.

"We are not even sure where the water is coming from, it's not coming through the windows, it's not coming through the walls,  so we are thinking (the water) it's coming up through the floor, through the cracks," Kline said.

Business are not the only ones affected, homeowners are, too.

Nearly 50 people had to evacuate their homes along the Grand River overnight as the Grand River flooded over its banks.

Emergency officials have been working to evacuate affected areas and supply temporary shelters for those impacted.

County officials warn flood waters can rise very quickly and residents who live along the river are being encouraged to evacuate their homes.