Patriots take home 6th championship win in Super Bowl LIII

Posted at 11:23 PM, Feb 03, 2019

ATLANTA, GA — The New England Patriots are once again Super Bowl Champions after beating the Los Angeles Rams, 13 to 3.

During a low-scoring game, defensive strategy and interceptions became key components over flashy end-zone attempts.

Despite his first post-season interception on an opening throw, Tom Brady said the event itself motivated him to return saying, “How could this not motivate you?” gesturing to the throngs of elated fans and eager press members, mixed with his celebrating teammates and falling confetti.

The University of Michigan alumni and his team are often the subject of controversy due to the amount of wins and championship runs they’ve had over the years. Controversy only fueled by Brady’s 2016 suspension for allegedly conspiring to deflate game balls, but neither coach Bill Belichick or Brady seem bothered.

The New England Patriots expect to return home for a parade in their honor on Tuesday.