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Easy office clutter DIY hacks

Posted at 11:15 AM, Jan 25, 2019
and last updated 2019-01-25 11:15:36-05

All week-long, FOX 17 Morning Mix has been offering up tips and tricks for various places in your home to get you organized. A lot of this was inspired by Marie Kondo and her KonMari organizing method.

The final room to talk about is the home office or even work office, for that matter. So many little things add up to big things, right? Pens that don't have a home; scissors that can't seem to ever be found and what can you do about that very unappealing paper shredder? Well, here you go!

Hide that shredder: Doing your best to destroy documents can be very important. Let's admit it, that paper shredder doesn't really blend in, but you can make it. Buy an oversized decorative basket with a lid. The chord will still be able to run out of the top and the shredder, otherwise, will be obscured. When you are not using it, unplug and it easily stays hidden.

Wrangle those receipts : If you are someone who needs to save those receipts, it's a nightmare at tax time to track them all down if you don't organize them. Until you can go through each one, just throw all of them in a gigantic glass cookie/candy jar with a lid.

Writing utensil organizer : Need a pen, can't find a pen? Just by upcycling a shoe box and toilet paper rolls, that will no longer be a problem. Decorate a shoe box however  you wish to  make it a bit more attractive. Then, stand up toilet paper rolls so they are all compressed snug in the box. Voila! You now have multiple places to store pens, pencils and beyond.

Happy organizing everyone!