Police post ‘creepy’ appeal to find woman who caught officer’s eye

Posted at 7:02 AM, Jan 24, 2019
and last updated 2019-01-24 07:02:15-05

Berlin Police are searching for a woman.

No, she’s not missing, she just caught the eye of one of the city’s officers.

“Please contact me,” read an Instagram story posted to the police force’s official account. “You were at the U-Bhf Halleschen Tor [metro station] yesterday at 16:40 and asked our colleague for directions? Your smile has enchanted him. If that was you, please identify yourself in a DM. Our colleague can’t get you out of his head. He wore uniform. You gave him a smile as a farewell. Now he is looking for you—we’re helping.”

Instagram stories expire after 24 hours, but the BBC has a screenshot. Needless to say, the post isn’t going over well, with many women chiming in on social media to talk about times police officers made them feel uncomfortable.

One woman described getting a ticket from an officer—who then used her information to call her “several times a day, for weeks.” Another recalled multiple officers joking with her after she lost her ID that she’d have to “stay here with me forever.”

The Berlin Police insist the Instastory did no harm. “The post is without pictures and names, the woman is completely free to respond,” a spokesperson tells the BBC. “There is no pressure, just an offer, and something very beautiful—the chance of great love. That’s what social media is there for.”

The police superintendent adds to BuzzFeed (page is in German) that it’s not fair to call the post “stalkerish” or “creepy,” as some have: “If you look at the offense of stalking and compares with our call, that is nonsense.” (Here’s a way better “missed connection” story.)

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