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Michigan company creates mouthguard providing more protection with less material

Posted at 11:04 AM, Jan 18, 2019
and last updated 2019-01-18 11:04:30-05

Say goodbye to the days of big chunky mouthguards while playing sports! A Michigan-based company has created the strongest, most comfortable mouthguards in the world by using a material that deflects force versus absorbs force, thus disproving the prevailing belief that more cushion equals more protection.

Akervall mouthguards provide dental protection in sports, for night teeth grinding, during intubations and trans-oral procedures, and more. Because the company’s mouth guards are so thin – most are thinner than a quarter – users can easily drink, talk and breathe normally while wearing a guard.

For a precise, custom fit, all the wearer needs to do is just dunk the flat mouth guard in warm water, press it against the teeth, then suck in air to create a vacuum. It will take shape to custom-fit the wearer.

The Michigan-based company’s newest mouth guard, the SISU Sense, comes with a smartphone app. Unique to this mouth guard are a microchip sensor and battery embedded in the left side of the guard. The sensor has a three-axis accelerometer for 3D force detection, and a high-performance wireless processor. The app compiles readings from the mouth guard sensor, identifies major and minor hits, and displays and stores them on a mobile device

SISU Sense brings attention to head injuries in contact sports. It helps coaches, parents and athletes identify athletes’ hits to the head, which may influence a variety of decisions, and it may help change the rules in contact sports.

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