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Ring in the New Year with Title Boxing of Grand Rapids

Posted at 10:58 AM, Jan 14, 2019
and last updated 2019-01-14 14:03:50-05

When you think of working out, do you instantly think of weights and treadmills? In 2019, the fitness craze that has everyone talking uses none of those things.

All shapes, size and ages are flocking to Title Boxing Club Grand Rapids. FOX 17 Morning Mix host Leigh Ann Towne can attest to the full body workout it gives you, in just one hour. Leigh Ann put on the gloves for the first time in September, has shed pounds and inches while gaining a whole lot more! She is hooked!

Sure, it seems intimidating, but after the first class, all of that goes out the window thanks to the highly trained instructors that will motivate, encourage and assist you. Worried about wrapping those hands? Don't be! Title's staff will help and eventually all of that becomes very natural, you can do it yourself. Gloves are provided for the first class and Title has a wonderful selection to purchase, as well. Remember, everybody has a first time walking through those doors, so don't let that intimidation factor stop you.

The workout is as follows:

*15 minutes warm up (includes things like jumping jacks, squats, lunges etc.)

*8 rounds, 3 minutes each of instructor lead boxing moves on a bag. You will get a 1 minute active rest in between each round(instructors will walk you through the punches, no worries)

*15 minutes of core

Take note that the 12:15p.m. classes Monday thru Friday are only 45 minutes long, so your warm up and core is cut in half.

What should you wear or bring with you? Please wear separate shoes than you are working out in and then change when you get there. Be sure to wear whatever makes you comfortable while working out, you do jump around a lot and will get warm. Leigh Ann highly recommends water and a towel, too. You can purchase wraps for your hands for $10 and as mentioned above, first time users may borrow gloves or there is a nice selection to purchase. Lockers are available to store your belongings,

Grab a friend and come try your first three consecutive classes free! All of the class times are listed on their website. Title Boxing Club Grand Rapids is located right at the intersection of Northland Dr. and Plainfield Ave. The address is 5150 Northland Dr. NE, Suit H, 49525.

Be sure to follow their Facebook page. Very soon, you could enter to win a three-month membership and gloves. That's a $450 value! Good luck!

More information here.