Mom falls in love with sperm donor 12 years after having his daughter

Posted at 10:51 AM, Jan 10, 2019

SEATTLE – A mom gave birth to her daughter through the use of a sperm donor – then met and fell in love with her child’s biological father 12 years later.

Jessica Share gave birth to her daughter, Alice, in 2005. She and her wife at the time picked out Aaron Long’s anonymous sperm-donor profile in Ohio for her now 13-year-old daughter.

“You build this story in your head of the values that you have and what kind of person might not just share our values, because I don’t think those are genetic. But being drawn to the same kinds of things that we’re drawn to,” Share told ABC News.

When Alice turned 11 in 2016, she started researching her ancestral history through a DNA testing site called 23 and Me. Because of the site, Jessica Share found Long and reached out.

“Hi Aaron, I actually have two daughters who’d match you (my ex has my youngest daughter; she’s not on the DNA testing site),” Share wrote, according to a personal essay on “If you’re interested in trading family photos, etc., we’re available.”

And later the two decided to meet up.

“When we met in person. I don’t know, the attraction (was) even harder for either of us to deny,” Long told ABC News.

Share, Long and Alice all currently live in the same communal home in Seattle, but it turns out Long has a lot of other kids.

“I did a little bit of pretty shoddy maths and came up with a figure of 67 as a maximum,” he admitted. “It’s hard to say.”

“I know that I am attracted to Aaron for all the reasons that seemed wonderful when shopping for him in a sperm donor catalog years ago,” Share wrote in the BBC essay. “He is thoughtful, persistent, and academically-minded. He is enchanted by words. He is empathetic, versed in stories about people and the strange things they sometimes do. He doesn’t much care what’s expected of him. He often plays his own music. To his own drum. Sometimes in a turban.”