Harvest Health hosts CBD oil seminar in Hudsonville

Posted at 10:32 PM, Jan 10, 2019

HUDSONVILLE, Mich.-- It was a packed house at the Harvest Health food store in Hudsonville on Thursday with people coming out to hear more about CBD oil and its uses.

The store hosted a seminar with a speaker from CV Sciences, a company that makes CBD products. The goal was to present people with more information about CBD oil products and its uses and answer any questions people might have.

"It’s basically my job to debunk the hysteria around CBD," said Maggie Frank, national educator for CV Sciences.
"Quite honestly if this came from pineapples, nobody would have a problem we would all be going out to get our pineapples, but because of the cannabis connection and the misunderstandings behind the differences in marijuana versus hemp, they interact with the system, the endocannabinoid system so differently that you’re not going to get the same response.”

CBD oil has become increasingly popular, with its supporters saying it has numerous health benefits, from reducing stress and anxiety, relieving pain, and helping with sleep issues, to name a few. The product comes with controversy because it come from the cannabis plant, but doesn’t contain the THC part of the plant that gets you high.

"This really is helping people with some things that they’ve struggled with for 20-30 years," said Frank.

Some in attendance were brand new to the world of CBD products, others have been using it and wanted to learn more.

"Just given the location, I was really interested to see the diversity of crowd and the age and all of the different people here that I think are just kind of wanting to hear more about something that for so long has had such a stigma attached to it,” said Sarah Tupper.

Sarah Tupper has been using CBD oil for six months.

"I use it just for some generalized anxiety, some sleep issues, some stress relief and just looking for a different alternative other than pharmaceuticals," said Tupper. "I'm trying to explore some different options while also being real high functioning, being a mom and being able to work and being able to get everything done and feel like you’re balancing it a little bit better with your own health.”

Those in the audience learned about products on the market and how they can find doses to fit their needs.

"They’re a bridge to a better life physically, mentally and emotionally and who doesn’t want that?" said Frank.

CBD oil products are being found in more places in Michigan now. On Thursday, legislation that protects the use of CBD oil derived from hemp was signed into law, meaning the products fall under the definition of industrial hemp and not marijuana.