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Wellness trends you should pick up in 2019

Posted at 11:40 AM, Jan 03, 2019
and last updated 2019-01-03 11:41:04-05

Celery Juice

You've probably already seen celery juice all over your Instagram feed, and 2019 may be the year you see it everywhere else too, from restaurant menus to your local grocery store. Some social media users say that drinking celery juice has cured them of mental health problems and infertility, others credit it with healing eczema that nothing else could cure.

A spokeswoman for the academy of nutrition and dietetics, says she agrees that there are several health benefits to eating celery. She also agrees that there is little evidence to back up the claims made by some supporters of the juice trend.

Recovery Boots

If you saw your favorite wellness stars slipping on recovery boots or stepping into freezing cold tanks on Instagram, they are part of what will become a bigger trend in 2019, focusing on recovery as much as the workout. The boot-like devices that cover most of the leg inflate to conform to each individual's body shape. They then employ compressed air to deliver dynamic pressure to the muscle tissue, starting at the feet and working their way up the legs.


Looks like your FitBit isn't going anywhere. According to the American College of Sports Medicine, which annually surveys fitness industry experts for their trend predictions, wearable technology like fitness and activity trackers is the number one trend for 2019. Because it tracks almost everything related to fitness and health -from how many miles you walk or run to how many calories you eat to even how well you are sleeping at night - fitness trackers are inclusive tool that anyone of any fitness level can use.

Home Workouts

If the idea of staying at home to sweat sounds good to you, 2019 could be your year. Peloton, which revolutionized at-home workouts with its live-streamed spin classes and state-of-the-art home bikes, now offers live-streamed classes on the treadmill, in addition to yoga, strength and more.

Influencers and celebrities are already obsessed with the mirror, a $1,500 mirror that turns into an interactive gym with the switch of a button, meaning it won't be long until the at-home workout tool is in a lot more people's homes.


Cauliflower has already overtaken pizza, pasta, rice and the frozen foods section. In 2019, expect to see it in the snack aisle as well, experts say. Cauliflower is a perfect fit to grow in the snack aisle because it can be adjusted to many recipes and is high in fiber, another popular trend.