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Dr. Bitner explains how to achieve your New Year’s goals

Posted at 10:49 AM, Jan 02, 2019

2019 is here, so how will you work to find that "happy place" this year? Intentional choices can control a lot of that, helping you reach your goals.

Nationally recognized menopause specialist Dr. Diana Bitner talks about steps people can take to reach goals of fitness and health, and beyond.

Here are some steps to take to make sure you stay on track in 2019:

1. Intention: have intention to move forward, to reach your goal
2. Goal: what is meaningful to you? And when or at what milestone?
3. Plan: write it out, timeline, achievable goals
4. Barriers: what will make reading your goal difficult?
5. Work-arounds: when a door closes, where is the window to open?
6. On the schedule, execute: empower the intention with expectations
7. Measure success: track goals, see the benefits

While goals are important to reach, Dr. Bitner wants to remind us to take care of our bodies. Follow the SEEDS to stay healthy, so you are able to work at your full potential to complete you 2019 resolutions:

1. Water: 80 oz net: total water minus caffeine and alcohol=net water
2. Sleep: 50 hours per week. Full stop.
3. Exercise: aerobic/strength training/stretching-the body needs all
4. Nutrition: macronutrients=food, a healthy mix of healthy carbs/protein/fats
5. Vitamins: micronutrients=vitamin d, multivitamin, and calcium
6. Fiber: important for digestion and regular bm, reduce colon cancer risk
7. Gratitude and metered breathing: so important for sleep, grounding, maintain intention

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