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DIY snowman hats from ribbons spools

Posted at 11:46 AM, Dec 12, 2018

I have been making wreaths now for about five years and always have leftover ribbon spools that I just toss into recycling. Around Halloween, I was making a fun skeleton head on a candlestick and decided he needed a hat. Right then is when a light bulb went off: use the  cardboard spool!

Well, my bubble was only slightly deflated when I found a couple of other people who had the same ideas for snowman hats, posting them on Pinterest. Hey, great crafty minds think alike.

I would love for you to watch the video to see how we made them on FOX 17 Morning Mix. However, this blogger describes it perfectly, showing steps along the way.


  • cardboard ribbon spools
  • black felt
  • hot glue gun/fabric glue
  • black marker or black paint
  • ribbon or string
  • scissors
  • small decor to accessorize hat

If you make these, please share them to the FOX 17 Morning Mix Facebook page. Happy crafting!

(A final look at my hat below.)