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Smart Shopper: Where to buy bargain Halloween costumes

Posted at 8:25 AM, Oct 04, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-04 08:25:56-04

It's like Christmas when you can find Halloween costumes at really low prices, without compromising how cool they are, right? As the Smart Shopper, I love seeing what I can come up with every year and how very little money I spend. Here are some great places around West Michigan where you can score some phat deals without making  your wallet skinny.

*Thrift stores: I would say 99 percent of the costumes I have worn in my adult life and now those for Bronson, come from things I find at the thrift store. Sometimes you luck out and find an entire costume, but other times, you might find key pieces that you can work with. Goodwill has racks and racks full of great finds but don't wait until the last-minute! Two stores I recently visited with a great selection are the Goodwill on 4 Mile in Grand Rapids and the one on East Beltline near Knapp's Corner. Check out the costumes I made Bronson last year for probably less than $10 total! Recognize the Lollipop Kid and Ace Ventura?

*Timmers Discount Store, 3165 Alpine Ave. NW : Timmers is a discount store that carries brand new items that might be overstock or closeout. You'll pay upwards of half-off in some cases.

Once Upon a Child : Two aisles full of gently loved or even brand new costumes is what I found at the Walker Once Upon a Child, 3343 Alpine Ave. NW! They had sizes ranging from newborn to teens! Bring your old costumes and they might even give you cash for them to help with your purchase.

Facebook Marketplace : I buy so much stuff off of Facebook Marketplace. On the left-hand side of your main page, you'll see "Marketplace". You are able to type in what you are looking for within a certain radius in which you are willing to purchase it. Many times, it will require you going to someone's home, so keep that in mind. Bring along a friend if you feel uncomfortable or even ask if they person is willing to meet you in a location where you feel comfortable.

Facebook: If you don't ask, you'll  never know. Just by simply making a post saying that you are looking for a specific costume or pieces to a costume might land with more options than you bargained for. Friends and family would more than likely love to help you out if they already have what you are looking for.

Where are you finding discounted costumes? Email me: